Katherine Heigl to star in the fantasy romance Adaline for director Andy Tennant

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

I can’t help but wonder if Katherine Heigl is feeling a little nervous since leaving the comfort of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.  Typically, when an actor leaves their TV series, they’ve established themselves as versatile and able to handle a variety of roles.  Otherwise, they get pigeon-holed into one genre and audiences have a tendency to get sick of that genre pretty quick.  My fear for Heigl is that her incessant need to only do romantic comedies is eventually going to grow old and then she’ll be left with nothing.  You would have thought by now that she would have tried to break out of the rom-com mold by doing a drama or something that showcases her acting skills (assuming she has some).

So I can’t say I’m too excited for her next film, entitled ADALINE in which she’ll play a beautiful, ageless woman who meets a man that’s willing to risk everything to help her gain her mortality.  It’s described as a romantic fantasy, which is probably one of the toughest sub-genres to pull off.  Andy Tennant will be directing the film.

Katherine Heigl

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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