Kaya Scodelario Joins Dakota Fanning and Jeremy Irvine in Now Is Good

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

British actress Kaya Sodelario (best known for her role in the British TV show ‘Skins’) is probably someone you should go ahead and get to know now, since she’s well on her way to becoming a household name in America.  She just can’t quite seem to land that big starring role that she deserves, but she has lined up a handful of smaller roles that should give her a chance to showcase her skills.  Next up for the lovely lady is NOW IS GOOD, the depressing coming of age story about a young woman that finds out she has terminal cancer and makes a list of everything she wants to do before she dies, with “losing her virginity” at the top of the list.  Not sure sex and death are ever a good thing to mix on the big screen, but that’s just me.

Kaya will be playing the carefree friend of the girl in question, while Dakota Fanning will be playing the girl dying of cancer and Jeremy Irvine will be playing the lucky lad.  Paddy Considine and Olivia Williams will be playing the girl’s parents.  Ol Parker (IMAGINE ME AND YOU) will be directing from his own script.

Kaya Scodelario

Source: Kaya Sodelario (via Twitter)

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