Keanu Reeves is in costume for this first look at 47 Ronin

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Keanu Reeves has been trying to get 47 RONIN off the ground for some time now. About six months or so ago, the project finally got some speed behind it. Now the actor is on-set filming his passion project.

In this first photo, we see Reeves in his crimson kimono with his hair in a ponytail. I’m already getting that LAST SAMURAI vibe. I wasn’t in love with that movie by any means but I don’t think it’s as bad as most people make it out to be. The film focuses on Reeves as Kai the half-breed, outcast in the group who joins with Oishi, the leader of the 47 ronin. Yeah, there’s a romance in their somewhere but I’m more focused on the epic battles. I mean, if you do a movie called 47 RONIN it better have great fight scenes set across a beautiful landscape.

The film is due to release November 11, 2012.

47 Ronin

Source: Market Saw

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