Keira Knightley may join Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis

Posted by:Kristy Sturdivants

We haven’t heard much from Keira Knightley for awhile, but I guess since she lost out the role of Catwoman to Anne Hathaway in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES it’s no big deal because she had other things in store.  She has been rumored as being lined up to star opposite the man of the moment, Robert Pattinson, in the upcoming film COSMOPOLIS. Knightley will replace Marion Cotillard as the love interest of Bob Patty and the female lead in the thriller set in the future. I think I would prefer to star in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, but honestly, COSMOPOLIS isn’t a bad gig either. Especially if you are replacing someone as great as Marion Cotillard. No confirmation yet, we’re just going by the fact that Knightley’s photo has replaced Cotillard’s on the COSMOPOLIS website, but we do know for sure that Cotillard is out.

This David Cronenberg film is set to start shooting in May.

Keira Knightley

Source:The Playlist

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