Kellan Lutz and Spencer Locker are the next Tarzan and Jane

Kellan Lutz and Spencer Locke

Of all the franchises that have come and gone in Hollywood over the years, the Tarzan series is one I never really understood. I don’t know what is so fascinating about a guy (even if it is Kellan Lutz) raised by apes who swings around the jungle and then falls for a human girl. Maybe I’m not imaginative enough but as a woman I’m kinda grossed out by this concept. Why would I ever want to date or even be wooed by someone who was raised by animals who throw their poo at each other?

My opinion aside, a new Tarzan movie is coming out and TWILIGHT alum Kellan Lutz is set to take on the title character with his Jane being played by Spencer Locke (RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE). There are no details as to what the plot is going to entail, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be along the lines of what I wrote in the previous paragraph. Or if you want a more detailed account I would go out and pick up a copy of the animated film TARZAN that Disney made several years back, as that’s probably one of the better versions of the story out there. This currently untitled Tarzan film will be co-written and directed by Reinhard Kloos.  Apparently there is another Tarzan trilogy in the works (not surprising) and will be directed by Craig Brewer and produced by Warner Bros., so keep that in mind in the upcoming months.

Kellan Lutz is really trying his best to make a name for himself and find his groove after TWILIGHT is finished, and although the roles he’s picking aren’t so great- at least he’s trying. Kellan Lutz has starred in a slew of films that include last year’s IMMORTALS, LOVE, WEDDING, MARRIAGE and ARENA (which went straight to video), but he hasn’t hit the big time just yet. Hang in there Kellan Lutz, your time will most likely come but I don’t know if this Tarzan gig will help your situation. (Deadline)

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