Kellan Lutz, from the Twilight Saga, is set to star in Tatua

Kellan Lutz

Now that the guaranteed paycheck of The Twilight Saga is a distant memory, the cast members that skyrocketed to superstardom because of the series need to capitalize on their fame quickly before it fades away.  We assume Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will be okay for the foreseeable future, but it remains to be seen if some of the supporting characters can get past the Twilight series.  Kellan Lutz has tried admirably, starring in a slew of films including MESKADA, A WARRIOR’S HEART, LOVE WEDDING MARRIAGE, ARENA and a small role in IMMORTALS.  But none of them have found much commercial success and higher profile roles still seem to be eluding Kellan Lutz.

But today we learn that Kellan Lutz has signed on to star in TATUA, which is based off an original idea from comic book writers/artists Paul Jenkins and Rob Prior.  In the film, Kellan Lutz will star as an assassin that has a rare blood type that lets him be tattooed with a special ink, which he can then pull off of his skin and use as real objects.  The catch, of course, is that he must use the weapons quickly, before they dissolve.  Things get hairy for the assassin when his son is kidnapped.  Aaron Sims (who did the viral video Archtype) will be making his feature directing debut with the film.  (Deadline)


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