Kellan Lutz wants his own Twilight film

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Well he really just wants a spin-off for his character Emmett because he doesn’t feel like his character gets enough love (or lines), oh and Emmett has an interesting story.  In the books, Emmett is rescued from a bear mauling him to death by Rosalie (played by Nikki Reed) and she turns him so she can have a mate.  Not only does Mr. Lutz want a spin-off for his character, but he also thinks it should be entitled THE EMMETT CHRONICLES.  Seriously?  Please stop interviewing this guy he’s making me sick.  Then he goes on to say:

You see Rosalie and Emmett go into a shack and have monkey madness fun. I mean, there could be some great moments for the older fans.

I think if Twilight fans want to see “monkey madness fun” they would prefer it be from Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart and not Kellan Lutz. I think he’s just joking but I really hope Summit doesn’t get wind of this and try to milk the TWILIGHT franchise any more than necessary.

Kellan Lutz 2

Source: E!Online

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