Kellan Lutz will challenge Dwayne Johnson with his own Hercules movie

Kellan Lutz

I don’t know why Hollywood insists on making two movies about the same thing and releasing them around the same time.  It happens constantly and this year alone we have OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN and WHITE HOUSE DOWN.  Now we get word that two Hercules movies are in the works, one to be directed by Brett Ratner and starring Dwayne Johnson and the other will be directed by Renny Harlin and starring Kellan Lutz.  According to Harlin, his film will be more like Ridley Scott’s GLADIATOR and won’t feature “flying horses”.  So there’s that.

The caveat here, of course, is that I seriously doubt Harlin and Lutz’s film will ever hit theaters.  That combination of director and star has more of a direct to video vibe to it than anything.  And if history repeats itself, when two movies about the same thing are released at the same time, the one with bigger stars is usually the one that does better.  Sorry, Kellan, but your Twilight fans don’t seem to be following you post-Twilight.  Kellan Lutz’s HERCULES 3D is scheduled to be released in March, 2014. (THR)

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