Kelly McGillis and Sara Paxton to star in The Innkeepers

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

I haven’t heard much about Kelly McGillis in years, so when I saw this announcement, I knew I had to post it.  Remember when Kelly McGillis was the hottest woman in Amercia?  The year was 1986 and TOP GUN had just come out.  She was just incredible.  She was even beautiful in WITNESS, which is saying a lot considering her role.  But she ran into some bad luck and the roles started drying up and the next thing you know; she’s out of the game.  But over the past few years she’s started doing some independent films and she recently came out of the closet (good for her), so it seems like she has her life back in order.

The news today is that she’s going to be starring in the independent horror film THE INNKEEPERS about hotel owners that are about to close down their haunted hotel when strange and mysterious guests check in on the last night.  Along with McGillis, Sara Paxton, George Riddle and Pat Healy will also be starring in the film directed by Ti West.

Note: I just can’t bring myself to post a recent picture of Kelly McGillis…

Kelly McGillis


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