Ken Watanabe offered Gary Oldman's role in the adaptation of Akira

Posted by: Zack Bruce

The Americanization of the adaptation of Katsuhiro Otomo’s AKIRA has been quite troublesome to the faithful followers of the manga. The story is completely made up of characters who are Japanese seeing is that it’s set in Tokyo. For some reason, it’s proved to be rather puzzling as to why they would even want to change the very roots of the story.

So far there have been no actors of Asian decent cast in any of the roles, nor has there seemed to be an interest. But now since Gary Oldman has dropped out of the Jaume Collet-Serra helmed film they are looking to someone else to take on the role of Colonel Shikishima. In a rather shocking turn, it seems that Japanese born actor Ken Wantanabe has been offered the part. The Colonel serves as the more traditional villain in the story. Initially the lead of the Akira project, the Colonel was running things until the government took over. Regardless of the set back, he still goes after Tetsuo to take him down. I can’t tell you anymore without spoiling things.

I appreciate the want for Wantanabe but it feels a little too late. When the film is now set in a futuristic New York, everything is already off the course of the original story.

Ken Watanabe

Source: Cinema Blend

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