Kenny Ortega Out as Director of New Footloose Film

Posted by: Sturdy

Siting “creative differences”, Kenny Ortega (HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL) is out as director of the new FOOTLOOSE remake.  Despite that, Paramount is moving forward with the film, which features Chace Crawford (TV’s Gossip Girl) in the role made famous by Kevin Bacon.  The film will also star Julianne Hough (TV’s Dancing With the Stars).  Variety is reporting that Ortega left the project because he wanted to film the movie as an elaborate musical with a big production.  Paramount, on the other hand, wanted to keep it as a drama.

I have to sheepishly admit that I’m a fan of the original FOOTLOOSE film and yet I’m still looking forward to this reboot.  I am very glad that Kenny Ortega left the project because it would be ridiculous to have this story as a musical.  Given the fact that all the main characters are in high school, audiences couldn’t help but feel like this was a High School Musical ripoff.

Kenny Ortega

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