Kevin Costner and Amber Heard star in new images from Three Days To Kill

Kevin Costner has had a bit of a career resurgence of late.  After dropping out of Quentin Tarantino’s DJANGO UNCHAINED, Costner made up for it by playing Pa Kent in this summer’s MAN OF STEEL, then he’ll tackle another franchise in January in JACK RYAN.  If that wasn’t enough, he’s starring in McG’s next film, THREE DAYS TO KILL.  And granted, starring in an McG film isn’t necessarily a good way to revitalize one’s career, but the point is that Kevin Costner is knee-deep in blockbuster films.

In THREE DAYS TO KILL, Kevin Costner plays a top government assassin that gets diagnosed with terminal cancer.  With his end in sight, he resigns from his job to spend more time with his wife and daughter.  But when the government approaches him with an opportunity to cure his cancer in exchange for one last hit, the offer is too good to pass up.  And yeah, it sounds like something we’ve seen before, but this is McG after all.  THREE DAYS TO KILL stars Kevin Costner, Amber Heard, Connie Nielson and Hailie Steinfeld.  The McG directed film will hit theaters on February 21st, 2014.

Kevin Costner in Three Days To Kill

Amber Heard in Three Days To Kill

Kevin Costner in Three Days To Kill

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