Kevin Costner may star in the NFL financed Draft Day

Kevin Costner 2

The NFL doesn’t lend its name out to just anyone, but they’re even more stingy when it comes to ponying up cash.  So the fact the NFL is considering investing $20 million in Paramount’s DRAFT DAY can only mean they really dig the concept.  And having a revitalized Kevin Costner in the lead can only help the situation.  If early reports prove accurate, the NFL will lend its brand to the film that will feature Kevin Costner as the General Manager of the Buffalo Bills.  The movie will follow him over the course of one day where he wheels and deals the first pick of the draft all the while dealing with various relationship and family issues.

I like seeing Kevin Costner in sports movies and the idea of getting an inside peak into what happens on draft day in the NFL is enticing.  Everything is in very early talks at this point, but if the NFL does kick in that $20 million, I’d expect cameras will start rolling soon in order to hit theaters in time for next year’s NFL draft.  (Vulture)

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