Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson team up for Central Intelligence

Two of the busiest men in Hollywood are teaming up for a buddy comedy movie titled CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE.  In the film, Kevin Hart will play a former high school athlete turned accountant who gets a call on the even of his class reunion from a former loser classmate that needs his help.  The former classmate will be played by Dwayne Johnson, who is now a tough CIA agent that happens to need help to stop a plot to sell military secrets.  So in other words, Johnson will play the tough, rugged cop and Hart will play the weak, humorous sidekick.  Sound familiar?  It should, since we’ve seen it dozens of times and most recently in Hart’s own RIDE ALONG.

Speaking of RIDE ALONG, Kevin Hart has a couple of comedies already completed and on the way in 2015 and just finished shooting RIDE ALONG 2.  Johnson, on the other hand, has some sequels of his own with JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH and FAST AND FURIOUS both on the way, as well as the upcoming SHAZAM movie.  So expect to see a lot of Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson in 2015. (Variety)

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