Kevin James and Frank Coraci will collaborate again on new comedy

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Kevin James will work again with director Frank Coraci on an upcoming untitled comedy about mixed martial arts. The film follows a high school physics teacher by day who fights in mixed martial arts competitions at night to raise money for the school’s music program and eventually he makes it all the way to a UFC  bout. This will be the second collaboration between Jame and Coraci, the first being the upcoming summer film THE ZOOKEEPER, which opens in theaters on July 8th, 2011. No word on when production on the upcoming mixed martial arts comedy will begin.

I can’t stand Kevin James, or maybe I just can’t stand the ridiculous movies he’s in and the stupid roles he plays. I just can’t get on board with his shtick, but audiences apparently love him so we’re going to continue to get these “filler comedies” that run rampant throughout the year. I almost feel like I should blame James’ and Rob Schneider’s success on Adam Sandler…

Kevin James in The Zookeeper

Source: Deadline

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