Kevin James and Salma Hayek try to save a school in the Here Comes the Boom trailer

Kevin James in the Here Comes the Boom trailer

For some reason Kevin James is still getting his own movies and the latest one heading to theaters is HERE COMES THE BOOM, which is another Happy Madison production (thanks a lot Adam Sandler). Though I can’t stand Kevin James and find his choices of roles idiotic and tiring, HERE COMES THE BOOM doesn’t look as bad as his normal fair. That doesn’t mean it looks good, it just means that it looks better than him talking to a gorilla in THE ZOOKEEPER or riding around on a Segway in PAUL BLART: MALL COP. There are degrees of mediocrity in film you know, and since this trailer is the first I’ve heard of HERE COMES THE BOOM let’s just say- outlook not good.

Directed by Frank Coraci, HERE COMES THE BOOM follows high school teacher Scott Voss (Kevin James) who takes it upon himself to raise money for his school so the extracurricular activities won’t be cut. How does he plan to raise this money? By becoming an mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter of course, because we haven’t seen enough of that lately. Along with Kevin James, HERE COMES THE BOOM also stars: Salma Hayek (what is she doing in these films?), Henry Winkler, Melissa Peterman and Greg Germann. HERE COMES THE BOOM opens in theaters on October 12th, 2012, check out the trailer below.

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