Kevin James to star in Martial Arts Comedy

Posted by: Nathan Swank

Sony Pictures has secured Kevin James to star in an untitled martial arts movie. I can only assume it’s a comedy because James will play a physics teacher… and it’s an overweight guy doing martial arts. Think the late Chris Farley in BEVERLY HILLS NINJA. James is a funny guy but his movies have left a lot to be desired. I blame Adam Sandler and his Happy Madison Productions for some of that. Although to give James credit his performance always pull out a chuckle.

Like I said, Kevin James will play a large physics teacher whose school must make some financial cuts in the music department. In order to help his students and save his friends job, James will begin mixed martial arts fighting in the octagon leading to the a brawl in the UFC. Kevin James and Todd Garner will produce with Allan Loeb to write the script.

kevin james

Source: Deadline

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