Kevin Smith will distribute Red State himself and confirms he will only do one more film

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

There has been a lot of drama surrounding Kevin Smith and his upcoming horror film RED STATE recently. He’s made a lot of comments about how much he dislikes the press and the way Hollywood has been running the business of making and distributing films. Really he’s just been kinda cranky, especially since his last film COP OUT bombed. So to keep himself entertained and fresh, he’s come out with his own podcast called Smodcast and is going to start distributing indie films through his new Smodcast Pictures. So, last night when his horror film RED STATE went up for auction, he bought it himself and said he was going to distribute it himself and then confirmed that he has one more (studio) movie that he is going to make (called HIT SOMEBODY) and then that’s it, he’s done.  Here’s what he said:

This is my second to last movie.  I’m going to make one more movie, and then I’m done making my movies, and we’re gonna make yours.  Smodcast Pictures is going to release your movies without you having to spend a f*cking dime.

He also said he’s going to get the entire cast of RED STATE back for his last film which he hopes to start filming this year and get out by 2012. I for one am totally bummed by this because even though the last few films haven’t been fantastic, I really enjoy almost all of Kevin Smith’s films and I’ll miss the originality and humor behind them. Maybe we’ll get a Blu-ray collection someday.

Kevin Smith

Source: ScreenCrave

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