Kim Kardashian may star alongside John Travolta in Gotti

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Most of the time I feel very fortunate to be living in this era of technology advancements. Instantly being able to watch television shows and movies, smart phones and mp3 devices have become necessities. My one complaint? Reality television. Aside from the Food Network (which isn’t reality, it’s instructional) I stay very, very far away from anything that could be considered reality television, which is why I’m very sad to hear that Kim Kardashian may be making her way into Hollywood to star alongside legendary film star John Travolta. We reported that John Travolta was in negotiations to be cast as the famous mob boss John Gotti, Sr. in the upcoming film GOTTI, and today we learn that Ms. Kardashian is in talks to play daughter-in-law, Kim Gotti in the film. When we have definite confirmation, we’ll let you know.

Sigh. This is a sad day in Hollywood when they have to reach into the bowels of reality television to pull up an actress for a film, can’t they find another actress hanging around L.A. somewhere in a coffee shop?

Kim Kardashian


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