Kobe Bryant and Bruce Willis star in Robert Rodriguez's short film The Black Mamba

Posted by:Kristy Sturdivant

Now, normally we don’t post anything that has to do with television or sports (unless I’m extremely fond of the subject, then it’s fair game), but when I saw that Robert Rodriguez (MACHETE) directed a commercial for Nike starring a couple of movie stars like Bruce Willis and Danny Trejo as well as a rapper, Kanye West, and basketball legend Kobe Bryant- well, I had to make an exception. I knew you guys would understand and would probably thank me later. So check out the short film entitled THE BLACK MAMBA from Robert Rodriguez below. It’s a movie within a movie but it’s short and it’s cleverly done. I don’t know how convinced I was to buy shoes after watching it, but then again, I’m five feet tall and a female so I don’t think they were targeting me anyways. If you are so intrigued to run out and buy shoes, then Nike did it’s job.

Check out the full length film below.

Kobe Bryant and Robert Rodriguez in The Black Mamba

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