Kristen Bell and Jeff Garlin teaming up for Safety Not Guaranteed

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

If you’ve gotten on the internet in the past decade or so, at some point you’ve probably seen the ad below, requesting a companion for time travel.  It’s a simple, yet hilarious classified ad that is now going to be the inspiration (basis?) for a feature length film.  Director Colin Treverrow has assembled quite the ensemble cast to make this happen, including Jeff Garlin, Kristen Bell, Lynn Shelton, Lynn Rajskub, Jenica Bergere, Jake Johnson, Aubrey Plaza and Mark Duplass.

The actual film will be about a female journalist looking for a story (Plaza, from ‘Parks and Recreation’) that responds to the ad posted by a man (Duplass) she can’t determine is crazy or not.  Things get complicated when she finds herself falling for him and even more confused as to whether or not he’s actually trying to build a time machine.  Filming has already begun in Seattle.

Kristen Bell Safety Guaranteed

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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