Kristen Bell to star in Dance of the Mirlitons

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Kristen Bell is determined to show off all of her performance skills, with her singing and dancing being showcased in BURLESQUE and now her ballet skills being put to the test in the upcoming comedy DANCE OF THE MIRLITONS.  Well, maybe not her ballet skills, as I don’t think she’ll actually be dancing in the film, but she’ll at least need to bust out her comedy skills…again.  The actress is set to play an overbearing mother to a precocious 10-year old little girl determined to be a ballet star.  The slightly overweight girl falls into a tense environment where she has to prove herself to her peers.  Evan Greenberg wrote the script and is directing.

The script has a very LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE feel to it and supposedly, this script has been around for a while (Greenberg wrote the story while he was in middle school).  They say they want to cast an unknown in the lead role, but it will be interesting to see who they choose to star as Bell’s daughter.

Kristen Bell

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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