Kristen Stewart may join Ben Affleck in Focus

Kristen Stewart

No matter what happens from this point on with the movie FOCUS, I will always associate it with what could have been a re-teaming of the adorable on-screen couple, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.  So it’s nothing against Ben Affleck, who was the first to step into the film, or Kristen Stewart, who is in talks to join him, but they just have no chance of recreating the chemistry that Gosling and Stone have.  With that said, I just don’t see how Kristen Stewart and Ben Affleck are going to make a decent onscreen couple.  The age difference aside (Affleck is 40, Stewart is 22), they just don’t strike me as two people that are going to work well together.

Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (CRAZY STUPID LOVE) wrote the screenplay and will be directing FOCUS .  The film is about a seasoned conman (Ben Affleck) who becomes romantically involved with a newbie conwoman (Kristen Stewart), but they end things when their lifestyles get in the way.  But they meet up years later to realize their relationship had lasting effects.  To me, that means there are kids involved, but hopefully I’m wrong.  Kristen Stewart hasn’t officially signed on yet, but she’s expected to soon.  I would assume shooting will start after Kristen Stewart gets done doing the press work for the last Twilight film.  (Deadline)

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