Kristen Stewart officially joins Ben Affleck in Focus

Kristen Stewart

When it was first rumored that Kristen Stewart was in talks to play Ben Affleck’s love interest in the conman film FOCUS, the general reaction was pretty much negative.  It’s just way too hard to see Kristen Stewart having any chemistry with the much more talented Ben Affleck.  That, coupled with the age difference, sets the film up for failure and they haven’t even filmed a single scene.  Well, today Kristen Stewart confirmed that she’s going to be starring in the film and so let the collective groan commence.  I understand why Kristen Stewart would do movie like this, but I have no idea why Ben Affleck would be a part of this.  It sounds like something he would have done in the early 2000’s.

The film follows a young con-woman (Kristen Stewart) that learns the trade from an experienced conman (Ben Affleck) who she eventually becomes romantically involved with.  But things get complicated and so the two lovers part, only to team up again years later.  The film will be written and directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, who previously did the very good CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE.  I hope they’ll acknowledge the age difference and hopefully it will work out when things get going.  And not that I want to deter you anymore, but the worst thing about this film is that it was originally going to star Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.  (Deadline)

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