Kristen Stewart signs on for Sils Maria and Camp X-Ray

Kristen Stewart

I wouldn’t dare insult the acting abilities of Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart, given the rabid fanbase they’ve acquired through their Twilight films.  But if I’m being honest here for a second, I instantly become disinterested in a movie when Kristen Stewart gets involved (the jury is still out on Robert Pattinson).  So even though she’s a recognizable name and might draw attention to a film, I can’t help but wonder if she’s having the opposite effect on movies.  With that in mind, Kristen Stewart has signed on to star in two upcoming films; SILS MARIA and CAMP X-RAY.

SILS MARIA is about a young actress that obsesses over the older actress that made her role famous.  Juliette Binoche will play the older actress and Chloe Grace Moretz will play the younger while Kristen Stewart will play Binoche’s assistant.   This seems like a good role for Kristen Stewart as she won’t be asked to carry the movie and will have other talented actresses to lighten her load.  Olivier Assayas will be directing the film that will start filming soon.  That brings us to CAMP X-RAY, which is a different kind of situation for Kristen Stewart.  In CAMP X-RAY, she’ll play a soldier that gets stationed at Guantanamo Bay where she befriends a prisoner that has been held captive for eight years.  CAMP X-RAY will be directed by Peter Sattler and filming will start right after Kristen Stewart finishes up SILS MARIA.  Even though CAMP X-RAY sounds like a grittier role, it doesn’t sound like a good fit for Stewart.  With presumably only two lead actors, the weight of the film will rest on Kristen Stewart’s shoulders, which isn’t necessarily a good thing.  Her Twilight fans haven’t followed her like I’m sure she hoped (ON THE ROAD) and non-Twi-hards haven’t jumped on the K-Stew bandwagon just yet. (Deadline)

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