Kristen Stewart takes on the action genre in upcoming film Cali

Kristen Stewart

It seems like Kristen Stewart is taking roles that are the complete opposite of her love-stricken Bella Swan of the TWILIGHT series. This summer we’ll see Kristen Stewart in the action/fantasy SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN where Snow White will actually learn how to battle it out with her stepmother instead of relying on the dwarves and huntsman. Then later this year we’ll see her in ON THE ROAD, where she’ll play a free-spirited wife of the main character. So it’s really no surprise that Kristen Stewart would decide to take on another action role, especially since Bella’s saga is coming to a close and Hollywood seems to be at her finger tips.

It’s been reported that Kristen Stewart will take on the lead in the upcoming action flick CALI. No director is attached, but the screenplay is being written by Michael Diliberti (30 MINUTES OR LESS). Kristen Stewart will play Mya, a young woman who with her boyfriend Chris (not yet cast), decide to make a fake snuff film and sell it for a nice sum of cash before splitting town. Several years later she must return to her hometown to save her sister and face up to the “angry former business partners, homicidal porn stars, stoner vet techs, an unstoppable killing machine in a cowboy hat” all while dealing with her relationship with Chris. Filming should start sometime later this summer. Oh, and this will also be Kristen Stewart’s first producing credit.

I can’t say this sounds terribly interesting right now, but it’s still early to cast too much judgment. I know there are a lot of Kristen Stewart fans out there, but I think she’s the weakest cast member of the TWILIGHT series. I don’t know if that’s her fault, or the fault of the character as you have to admit Bella is a pretty weak protagonist. I just wish she didn’t keep that vacant, open-mouthed look on her the entire film. That is seriously annoying. (Variety)

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