Kurt Russell will coach Touchback

Posted by: Nathan Swank

Kurt Russell will be joining Freedom Films TOUCHBACK. The film is about a man (Brian Pressley) who gets a chance to relive his glory days as a high school football player before being injured. He gets to live every man’s dream and actually see what would have happened if that injury didn’t take place but this time he gets to decide which life he wants. It sounds like a football version of THE FAMILY MAN. I’m sure it will be very predictable but a feel-good flick nonetheless. Although, I personally think people put too much emphasis on high school sports. The movie will also star Melanie Lynskey, Christine Lahti, Marc Blucas, Drew Powell, Sarah Wright, Sianoa Smit-McPhee and Kevin Covais

Russell will once again be playing the coach. His first time was done brilliantly as the U.S. hockey coach in MIRACLE. Kurt Russell is one of those actors who makes every film, whether it be bad or good, better. He definitely has that charisma factor making him a joy to watch. Writer and director Don Handfield agrees with me and had this to say,

“I am thrilled he responded to the material. He is an icon and brings a unique warmth, charm and strength to the character. I feel blessed to be working with such a legendary actor on my first film,”


Source: ComingSoon

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