Larry Charles to direct Jim Carrey in Pierre Pierre

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

I’m not sure Jim Carrey still resonates well with American audiences, but his surprisingly funny turn in YES, MAN did a lot for me as far as bringing him back to relevancy.  But the actor is now attached to star in the upcoming comedy PIERRE PIERRE in which he’ll play a Frenchman transporting a stolen painting from Paris to London.  BRUNO and BORAT director Larry Charles is set to direct the film, who took over for Jason Reitman.  Charles typically doesn’t add anything to his films, but rather sits back and lets the actors do their thing.  So Carrey should have fun with this.

It’s funny, but the most interesting thing to me about this film is that Jason Reitman was once attached to it.  That at least gives me hope that it’s an interesting and quirky story.  I’m concerned about Carrey playing a Frenchman, mainly because any time an American plays a Frenchman, they usually go over the top with it.  I just hope Carrey realizes that not every Frenchman talks like Inspector Clouseau.

Jim Carrey

Source: Deadline

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