Lay the Favorite starring Bruce Willis, Rebecca Hall and Catherine Zeta-Jones coming to Blu-ray in March

Anchor Bay Entertainment has announced that the dramatic comedy LAY THE FAVORITE, from director Stephen Frears and starring: Bruce Willis, Rebecca Hall, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Vince Vaughn, Joshua Jackson and Frank Grillo, will be available on Blu-ray March 5th, 2013.

LAY THE FAVORITE follows Beth (Rebecca Hall), a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas who gets involved with Dink (Bruce Willis) a gambler who falls for her as he finds out she has a natural talent for gambling which makes her a target for his wife Tulip (Catherine Zeta-Jones).

Lay The Favorite BD

Even though LAYTHE FAVORITE appeared like it was chock full of talent, it didn’t do so well at the box office only grossing just under $21,000. True that could be because it only opened on 61 screens, but the trailers looked pretty terrible and most of the people who actually saw it didn’t think very highly of it. So with that said, rent or buy at your own risk. Check out the trailer for LAY THE FAVORITE below.

The only special features for LAY THE FAVORITE will be a selection of deleted scenes.

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