Lea Michele and Derek Hough could have the time of their life for the Dirty Dancing remake

Posted by: Zack Bruce

News of the DIRTY DANCING remake just emerged the other day and there’s already casting choices? Well, I guess they don’t have to look far since television is filled with shows having to do with dancing and singing. The first two candidates for the lead roles of Baby and Johnny  in the remake have already been eyed: GLEE’s Lea Michele and DANCING WITH THE STARS contestant Derek Hough.

These two aren’t the only ones on the shortlist for the parts though. The studio is looking at Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus for the role of Baby. Chance Crawford and Matthew Morrison are also being considered as possible Johnny’s. It looks like they are trying to re-create the same magic for this generation of youngsters as they did for the ones of the 1980s. This is easy to see by looking at the choices thus far. The Disney demographic is what I like to call them; GLEE cast members get lumped in their as well since it’s basically the older version of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL.

Original DIRTY DANCING  choreographer Kenny Ortega (THIS IS IT) will helm the remake due to release in 2013.

Lea Michele and Derek Hough

Source: MovieWeb

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