Leonardo DiCaprio, Amy Adams and American Hustle win big at the Golden Globes

Amy Adams in American Hustle

Coming into this awards season, I really thought that there were going to be some noticeable snubs, most notably, I didn’t think that Leonardo DiCaprio would get any credit for his great performance in THE WOLF OF WALL STREET and I thought Amy Adams might get overlooked for her great turn in AMERICAN HUSTLE.  Well, I was wrong on both counts as both Leo and Amy won Best Actor and Best Actress respectively at the Golden Globes.  As glad as I was to see them win, I wouldn’t say there were many surprises at this year’s Golden Globes, except maybe that 12 YEARS A SLAVE was shut out of every category except Best Motion Picture Drama.  I guess that’s the most important award, so fans of the film shouldn’t be too disappointed.  DALLAS BUYER’S CLUB won Best Supporting Actor and Best Actor, which might be a little bit of an upset.

As for TV, I think the big shock comes with Andy Samberg winning Best Actor for ‘Brooklyn Nine Nine’.  I’m not complaining since I’ve been defending the guy for years, but I was surprised to see him win.  Obviously, ‘Breaking Bad’ won Best Drama and Best Actor and if they hadn’t, I think fans might have started rioting.

So what does this mean for the Oscar race?  I don’t think it means much at all.  Going into tonight, 12 YEARS A SLAVE and AMERICAN HUSTLE were the two favorites and if anything, it solidified their foothold on the Oscar race.  I think the stars of DALLAS BUYER’S CLUB have to be looked at as real contenders and if 12 YEARS A SLAVE gets shut out of every other category, then it might be hard pressed to win Best Picture.

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