Leonardo DiCaprio in talks for another suspense thriller

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Apparently, Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t get enough of the suspense thriller genre in this weekend’s SHUTTER ISLAND because now he is looking to star in PRISONERS.  In this one, he will play the vigilante father of a kidnapped girl that abducts the man he feels is responsible for the disappearance.  Antoine Fuqua was set to direct the film, but he has since dropped out.

Of course, Leo is very choosy about who he works with as far as directors go, so whether or not he accepts the role will depend greatly on who they find to direct it.  The script has generated a lot of buzz in the industry, so I’m sure it’s safe to say it’s more complicated than TAKEN, but involves more action than LOVELY BONES.  Obviously, most of the film is going to have to center on whether or not the kidnapped man actually took the girls.  It’s an interesting concept, but it could be tricky to actually make it work.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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