Leonardo DiCaprio is J. Edgar in this new still from Clint Eastwood's film

Posted by: Zack Bruce

I’m really surprised that Leonardo DiCaprio’s house isn’t lined with Oscars. It’s a challenge to find a movie that the guy did a bad job in. Why can’t you find one? Because even if the movie isn’t great, DiCaprio always turns in a good performance. He was even awesome on GROWING PAINS. That was the day Mike Seaver stopping being cool.

Face it– if DiCaprio is in something, you want to see it. Next up for the actor is Clint Eastwood’s J. EDGAR. DiCaprio plays the man himself who was an intricate part in putting the FBI together. J. Edgar wasn’t the greatest guy though. He used his power to manipulate evidence and turn situations to his own benefit. These practices continued for nearly five decades until J. Edgar died in 1972. We get out first official look at DiCaprio in character in this first still from the film, complete with prosthetics and brown eyes.

The film, due out November 9th stars DiCaprio, Armie Hammer, Naomi Watts, Josh Lucas, Judi Dench, and Dermont Mulroney.

J. Edgar

Source: EW

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