Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill may team up with Paul Greengrass

We all know that things must have been pretty great on the set of THE WOLF OF WALL STREET since Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio seem to be BFFs.  The fact that Hill managed to get DiCaprio to make a cameo on Saturday Night Live should tell you that the two unlikely friends really hit it off.  They lined up their next project shortly after Wolf opened in theaters and after several months of silence, it seems the film is finally making some progress.  It seems Paul Greengrass is “interested” in the film and is the frontrunner to land the directing gig.

So what is their next film going to be about?  It’s based on the Vanity Fair article, “American Nightmare: The Ballad Of Richard Jewell”, which is the true story of Richard Jewell, who was falsely accused by the media of bombing the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.  For a brief moment, Jewell was actually a hero, then became a national villain and eventually got through it all with the help of a Southern lawyer.  20th Century Fox hired screenwriter Billy Ray to write the script and as you may know, Ray wrote the script for Paul Greengrass’s CAPTAIN PHILLIPS.  So there’s an obvious connection there.  This isn’t a done deal just yet, but with DiCaprio and Hill starring and a script by Billy Ray, I can’t imagine Paul Greengrass turning this one down. (Deadline)

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