Leslie Mann to star in Business Trip for producer and husband Judd Apatow

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

The cute, but not always consistent Leslie Mann is set to star in yet another film for producer and husband Judd Apatow.  The comedy is called BUSINESS TRIP and revolves around a group of women that are sent on a corporate trip but end up doing anything but business.  The project will once again be set up at Universal and the happy couple is looking to start shooting in January of 2011.

Leslie Mann can be funny with or without Apatow producing, but I thought her turn in FUNNY PEOPLE was the worst performance of her career.  Of course, I also thought it was Apatow’s worst film, so maybe there’s a connection there.  But normally, I like Leslie Mann as she has a funny, but attractive way about her, much like Kristen Wiig (who would make a great co-star in this).  Leslie Mann has most recently signed on to star in the drama GOODNIGHT MOON.

Leslie Mann

Source: Deadline

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