Liam Hemsworth going from The Hunger Games to Timeless for Philip Noyce

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

You think Liam and Chris Hemsworth are in competition to see who can become the bigger star faster?  Chris has the THOR franchise already under his belt and is hard at work on SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN with Kristen Stewart.  But Liam has THE HUNGER GAMES coming soon and recently signed on for THE EXPENDABLES 2.  I call it a draw at this point.  But Liam has just signed on to star in the movie TIMELESS.  The film is about a recently widowed man that learns his wife left him a fortune.  So he uses that fortune to build a time machine and travel back in time so he can resolve some issues with his wife he had before she died.

I know you might be thinking this sounds ridiculous and unfortunately, I don’t think I can defend this one.  Making time travel work at all is a nearly impossible task, but sandwiching it between a sappy love story is even harder (just ask THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE).  The script was written by Bill Kelly (ENCHANTED) and will be directed by Philip Noyce.

Liam Hemsworth

Source: Moviehole

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