Liam Neeson replaces Bradley Cooper in The Grey for director Joe Carnahan

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

I suppose when you’re set to star with Ryan Reynolds in a cop comedy, you don’t need to do a small drama about a team of plane crash survivors that battle some angry wolves.  Thankfully for Joe Carnahan, his other A-Team star is more than willing to step into the role as Liam Neeson looks set to replace Cooper in the film THE GREY.  The film will follow a team of oil drillers after they crash land in the middle of nowhere in Alaska.  They soon find themselves under attack from a pack of large, vicious wolves that see them as threats to their land.

I’m not sure how I feel about a movie making wolves out to be mean, vicious creatures and I’m a little nervous they’re going to go FURRY VENGEANCE on us and make this about animals protecting the environment.  But on the other hand, Carnahan’s best film was NARC, which was a gritty drama and from what it sounds like, this could let him get back to his roots.

Liam Neeson

Source: Heat Vision

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