Life of Pi, Skyfall and the 2013 Oscar predictions for Best Visual Effects, Song and other technical awards.

The Life of Pi 1

LIFE OF PI and LINCOLN both have a real good chance at sweeping many of the awards as they battle it out with the most nominations through the technical categories.  Between the two, I’m rooting for the majestic visionary tale by Ang Lee in LIFE OF PI.  However, SKYFALL has a real shot to be a spoiler in many of the technical award categories.  While it didn’t quite make my top ten, it was the second best Bond film after CASINO ROYALE and well-deserving of its few nominations. Thomas Newman is one of our greatest composers (my personal favorite) and has yet to win an Academy Award.  With his tenth nomination for SKYFALL, This could be his year.

Watch the video to see my official predictions for Best Visual Effects, Score, Song, Sound Editing and Sound Mixing.  Also, click the links to read my predictions for Best Supporting Acting and Best Actors as well as Best Screenplay

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