Life Partners Blu-ray Review

LIFE PARTNERS is a combination chick-flick and rom-com with every predictable plot point you’d expect. I haven’t even seen that many, but I knew automatically what was going to happen. Generally I don’t like predictability or those two genres, but LIFE PARTNERS really did it for me. I credit the actors for having a very realistic chemistry and really mixing it up with an otherwise dull script.

When we first meet Paige (Jacobs) and Sasha (Meester), they’re the best of friends. They gossip, compare boobs (girls do that right?), and enjoy girly drinks together at an area gay and lesbian bar. You see, Sasha is a lesbian, but it’s not something that’s constantly brought up or awkwardly shoehorned in. It’s talked about naturally and is simply a part of who Sasha is, and not a plot point that screams that this movie is truly unique.

Life Partners

Now here’s where the predictability comes in. They’re both late 20-somethings that are slowly becoming picky with whom they date and they really want to avoid being tied down for life with another person. So when Paige starts seeing Tim (Brody), it’s a shock to Sasha. He’s well to do and Sasha doesn’t really see her best friend sticking around with a charming doctor that has a lukewarm funny bone. Obviously the introduction of Tim will complicate the friendship between Paige and Sasha, and obviously something will be complicated to the point where the two friends won’t see eye-to-eye anymore. Then they’ll kiss (not literally) and make-up.

Ultimately, Paige and Sasha are likeable so the problems that they encounter are of interest to the audience even though the problems aren’t original. It doesn’t have the emotional punch that it needs to be memorable, but it does tug at your heart strings a little when you watch both of these two ladies be miserable. As for Tim…forget him. He’s a sweet guy and all, but the depth of his character is the same as a kiddie pool. He doesn’t necessarily create a rift and he seems more like someone who’s supposed to react to everything that inevitably happens.

Life Partners

There are some interesting side characters that hardly get any attention above a mention and a wave. They feel like pawns waiting to be used up and pushed aside as the plot progresses. Sure, Sasha trying to find her own love in life, her lesbian friends, and Paige’s obnoxious neighbor are kind of interesting, but it highlights how little narrative there is to the main story. It feels like an obstructive series of vignettes dotted along the storyline.

So it’s understandable if you didn’t like this movie because so much hinges on how well you can relate to the characters or how much you believe the on-screen friendship these two radiate. It’s definitely filled with its faults, but I’m willing to overlook those when there’s something worth recognizing here. It’s not every day I watch a rom-com or chick flick without rolling my eyes and hitting the stop button halfway through.


Video: (1080p Widescreen 2:39:1) A lot of bright and vibrant colors. The presentation comes in clearly.

Audio: (English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1) The audio has been mixed well and the meager soundtrack is never overbearing or relied upon too much to carry some of the more hefty dramatic moments.

Behind the Scenes: Cast and Characters (2:30): Only about two minutes worth of actors and actresses going over their characters. A little bit too short for something that should be full of interesting tid bits.

Behind the Scenes: Production and Costume Design (4:46): It’s odd that this would be longer than the characters feature since this focuses on shooting and designing some of the more, uninteresting aspects of the movie. If you’re into fashion or design, this is an interesting feature, but overall it’s not too engaging.

AXS TV: A Look at LIFE PARTNER (2:32): It’s a feature that just goes over the plot and characters. It’d be interesting if you’ve never watched the movie and you want to know more about it before watching.


Also from Magnolia Home Entertainment


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