Lincoln, Les Misérables and the 2013 Oscar predictions for Best Cinematography, Costume and other technical awards

Lincoln, starring Daniel Day Lewis

LINCOLN, ARGO, LIFE OF PI and LES MISÉRABLES all seem to be fighting for leverage through the technical awards. But there are a few categories that seem to never get any attention.  The Best Short films are three categories that are almost impossible to predict.  Most people and critics alike never get a chance to see them, but just for that tie-breaker sensibility, I’ll take this time to throw some random predictions. For Best Documentary Short Film, I’m choosing OPEN HEART but have also heard good things about INOCENTE and MONDAYS AT RACINE.   For Best Life-Action Short Film, I’m choosing DEATH OF A SHADOW.  For Best Animated Short, I’m choosing ADAM AND DOG, but I absolutely adored PAPERMAN. And of course, I wouldn’t be opposed to MAGGIE SIMPSON IN THE LONGEST DAYCARE picking up a golden statue.

Watch the video to see my official predictions for Best Cinematography, Editing, Costume, Production Design, and Hair and Makeup categories.  Also, click the links to read my predictions for Best Supporting Acting and Best Actors as well as Best Screenplay

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