Lindsay Lohan in talks to join John Travolta and Joe Pesci in Gotti: Three Generations

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

The Nick Cassavetes directed film GOTTI: THREE GENERATIONS seems to be gathering quite a, uh, eclectic mix of actors and actresses. Today we learn that Joe Pesci has joined the film as Angelo Ruggiero who was a close friend of John Gotti, Sr.  (John Travolta) and a high-ranking member of the Gambino family. This isn’t surprising because Joe Pesci is in any mob movie ever made, I think it’s written somewhere in the bowels of Tinseltown that he has to be involved with any film that deals with organized crime. Another piece of news regarding this film, is that Lindsay Lohan is in talks to join. Yes, this is real this time. If she boards (or more accurately, if she doesn’t go to jail for stealing jewelry) Lohan would portray Victoria, Gotti, Sr.’s daughter. Still no word on when production will start or if Kim Kardashian is still circling a role- see, I told you it was an eclectic mix of characters.

Lindsay Lohan


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