Lindsay Lohan may be stuck doing Scary Movie 5

Lindsay Lohan

Despite her efforts, Lindsay Lohan just can’t get her career back on track. Her last role in a major film was in 2010 in MACHETE, which you may remember was a very tiny role for her. Before that her last on screen adventure was in 2007 in I KNOW WHO KILLED ME that was basically a box office flop. These days Lindsay Lohan is working on B-movies or made for television films that include THE CANYONS and LIZ & DICK, there’s also a film called INAPPROPRIATE COMEDY which quite honestly I’ve yet to hear of. Add these films together with her recent stint on Saturday Night Live (which was absolutely painful to watch) and I think it’s safe to say that Lindsay Lohan may want to consider retirement and try to find another job. In fact she may want to take that advice if she signs on for another installment in the SCARY MOVIE franchise.

It’s been reported that Lindsay Lohan is in talks to take part in SCARY MOVIE 5 which will parody BLACK SWAN along with who knows what else. SCARY MOVIE alum Anna Faris has finally moved on from this franchise and this installment will star the Disney star Ashley Tisdale (HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL) and maybe Lindsay Lohan. Shooting should begin relatively soon since SCARY MOVIE 5 is set for a release on April 19, 2013, so we’ll see if Lindsay Lohan will sign on for a possible revival of her weak career. If she passes this opportunity up then I have little hope for an actual return to film.

I know I’ve said it before but I hate how Lindsay Lohan’s career has ended up. She really did have some talent and its tragic to see such a young person get caught up in all her drama. I hope she can turn it around and show everyone she still has something to offer. (The Wrap)

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