Lindsay Lohan officially loses role of Victoria Gotti

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

This probably isn’t going to come as a shock to anyone, but Lindsay Lohan has officially lost the gig to play Victoria Gotti in GOTTI: THREE GENERATIONS. Producer Marc Fiore has announced that the search will resume and made it pretty clear that Lohan won’t even be reconsidered. Apparently there were money issue and it was said that “the various demands of her management team just got out of control.”I guess her management team doesn’t realize that being a diva and criminal is not a good combination for making movies. Director Nick Cassavetes also dropped out of the film this week so that leaves no director and no Victoria Gotti. Hopefully this isn’t a taste of things to come, but the studio is staying optimistic and will still try to start shooting sometime this fall.

I wish I could say that this piece of news surprises me, but it just doesn’t. Ms. Lohan needs a life coach or something because her current path doesn’t lead anywhere good.

Lindsay Lohan

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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