Lorenzo di Bonaventura has optioned the rights to Space Invaders

Posted by: Zack Bruce

In my WARGAMES remake article last week, I think I talked about the old Atari we used to have. My brother would play Space Invaders all the time. I was the master of Asteroids, but to be honest, both games require the same skill set. I never mentioned to my Brother that a SPACE INVADERS movie adaptation was ever in the pipeline. I really didn’t think that it would get made, much less picked up. Looks like I was wrong.

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura (G.I. JOE, RED, SALT) and Odd Lot Entertainment’s Gigi Pritzker have optioned the rights to the video game to be adapted to the big screen. Currently they are on the hunt for a write to pen the screenplay.

Basically all they wanted was the name. You can do really anything with the content as long as it involves an alien battle. I say if you want to make an alien movie, just use your own idea and title. Why would you even bother trying to get the rights to a game that doesn’t have a backstory?

Space Invaders

Source: THR

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