Luke Wilson and Samuel L. Jackson team up for Meeting Evil

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Luke Wilson, Samuel L. Jackson and Leslie Bibb have been cast in the thriller MEETING EVIL based on a novel from the 1990’s of the same name.  The film will be directed by Chris Fisher, best known for S. DARKO and DIRTY.  The film follows John Felton (Luke Wilson) a real estate agent who has recently been fired.  When he crosses paths with Richie (Samuel L. Jackson) they embark on a day long crime spree and build a strange relationship that exposes Felton’s dark side.  MEETING EVIL is set to shoot in Louisiana early in January.

I used to be a big Samuel L. Jackson fan (probably because of his awesome performance in PULP FICTION) but he hasn’t really done anything lately that has interested me.  This dark comedy sounds intriguing and if him and Wilson end up having a good chemistry then MEETING EVIL may just end up being alright.

Luke Wilson and Samuel L. Jackson

Source: Louisiana Scene

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