Mad Max: Fury Road and The Revenant lead the 2016 Oscar Nominations while Carol gets snubbed

We’ll have a complete analysis later on this week, but our initial thoughts on the 2016 Oscar Nominations is that everyone got what they deserved.  On the positive side, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD received 10 (!) total nominations, mostly in the below the line categories, but did snag a Best Picture nomination, which is incredible.  And how great would it be if a Mad Max film managed to grab Best Picture?  Even with all of the nominations, I still think it’s a long shot to take home Best Picture, but we can dream, can’t we?  The other big winner was THE REVENANT, scoring Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor for Leonardo DiCaprio, totaling 12 nominations.  I’d love to see Leo take home Best Actor and given the lack of competition and the acclaim he’s already received, I think this might be his year.

As far as “snubbed” movies go, CAROL sticks out, but given my opinion of the movie, this is actually a case where the Academy got it right.  But for me, the biggest snub was Quentin Tarantino not getting a Best Screenplay nomination for THE HATEFUL EIGHT.  He actually won for DJANGO UNCHAINED and I thought HATEFUL EIGHT was a much better written film.  Again, more analysis coming soon, but check out all of the nominations by clicking the link: the 2016 Oscar Nominations.

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