Mad Men Season 5 facing delays and potential loss of cast members

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

As a general rule, doesn’t report a lot of television news because there is always so many things going on that we would never leave the computer and would write stories around the clock, and we would like to pretend we have social lives. However, as I’m sure you’ve heard there are a lot of problems with the upcoming season of one of our favorite shows MAD MEN. With season four coming to Blu-ray this week, it’s been distressing to hear that season five has just been delayed and won’t air on AMC until early 2012 and now creator and writer Matthew Weiner has been asked to cut six cast members as well as shorten the episodes by two minutes to leave space for potential advertisers, oh and AMC would also like more product placement throughout the season. Now Weiner has refused to do all of the above as he wants to maintain creative control over the show and for that he should be receiving a standing ovation from all MAD MEN fans, but things change all the time. It will remain to be seen if Weiner can withstand pressure from the network on all accounts, but just to be safe I wouldn’t recommend getting too attached to some of the more minor characters.

So here’s my question to you dear readers, if you had to get rid of six characters from MAD MEN, who would they be? I’ll start the ball rolling and say: Ken Cosgrove, Trudy Campbell, Betty Draper (no offense January Jones, but your character arc has plummeted), Bobby Draper (Sally’s character is way more interesting), Harry Crane and Bertram Cooper. Who could you let go of?

Jon Hamm as Don Draper in Mad Men

Source: The Wrap

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