Madeline Stowe still wants Robert Pattinson and Hugh Jackman for Unbound Captives

Madeleine Stowe

A couple of years ago, actress Madeline Stowe was shopping a script around town called UNBOUND CAPTIVES.  The film is a Western and is about a cowboy that rescues a distressed woman whose husband is killed and children are kidnapped by a Comanche war party.  Word had it that the script was very good and at one point, it had attracted some serious talent with Hugh Jackman as the hero cowboy, Rachel Weisz as the woman and Robert Pattinson as the captive son.  The film never got made, but while speaking with MTV at the Golden Globes, Stowe reminded everyone that she’s still trying to get the film made and she might tweak the script so Robert Pattinson can still play a lead role.  Originally, the part was for an 18 year-old, but with Pattinson getting older, she’s willing to adjust the part so he can still pull it off.

Stowe went on to say that she hopes to start shooting the film in the spring of 2013 and it seems Jackman and Weisz are still interested in making the film.  I’ve always been a fan of Stowe’s, but I fear this film has more going against it than she’s accepting.  Even with Jackman, Weisz and maybe Pattinson, getting a Western made and making it successful is a daunting task in Hollywood.  But Pattinson can change everything if he signs on.

Source: MTV (via Playlist)

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