Magic Mike XXL Blu-ray Review

Thirty-something straight males are not the core audience for the MAGIC MIKE films, so I’ll avoid lambasting another unnecessary sequel. The sequel was actually sort of refreshing in that no one was really taking it seriously and everyone realized that people were showing up to see the beautiful stars dance and take their clothes off. Although we got plenty of exotic dancing, I’m not sure it was enough to keep everyone happy.

Magic Mike XXL

Mike is three years removed from his stripping days, making his living running his own small business. When he gets a call from Tarzan (Kevin Nash), he meets up with the rest of the gang to learn that their former boss has left and their going to give up the life of stripping. But first they’re going to go out for one last adventure as they take a road trip for a stripper convention in Myrtle Beach (which, as it turns out, is not a real thing). Mike decides he wants to tag along for one last ride and thus a sequel is born.

Magic Mike XXL

MAGIC MIKE XXL is like an action movie where the action scenes are great but everything else drags on. Such is the case with XXL, where the stripping and dancing scenes are fun, but when the characters start talking or acting, things get a little tiresome. I loved that they gave Richie (Manganiello) and Ken (Bomer) much bigger parts this time, but as it turns out, I wasn’t that interested in their characters. Still, it was nice to see their characters get some depth as opposed to just dancing behind Channing Tatum for two hours. The film also introduces us to some new characters, including Rome (Jada Pinkett-Smith) and Andre (Donald Glover). Rome was just there to fill in for what would have been Dallas’s role and Andre seemed a little unnecessary, even though Glover did well with the role. Fans of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ will enjoy seeing fan favorite Twitch do his thing on stage as well.

Magic Mike XXL

You have to credit to the filmmakers for fixing some of the problems of the original. The only thing they lost from the original that I missed was Matthew McConaughey, who apparently wasn’t interested in revising Dallas after winning an Oscar. However, we also lost Alex Pettyfer and their characters were written out as being in Europe together, so it wasn’t a complete loss. Perhaps the best decision was to avoid any type of muddling romance for the characters to suffer through. Amber Heard was a nice upgrade over Cody Horn, but her romance with Mike was always kept as a side story and never influenced any of the character’s decisions. MAGIC MIKE XXL had a much better understanding of what it was and it clearly realized it wasn’t a romance film.

MAGIC MIKE XXL is exactly what you think it is and it doesn’t apologize for it. Granted, it needed a good twenty minutes shaved off, but aside from that, it offers plenty of man candy to keep everyone interested. And there’s no reason to believe we won’t get a MAGIC MIKE XXXL.


Video: MAGIC MIKE XXL looks great on Blu-ray

Audio: The audio was also fine.

The Moves of Magic Mike XXL: The cast talks about their dancing and how much fun they had filming.  Very much a fluff piece.

Extended Malik Dance Scene: More of Malik dancing.


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