Malcolm D. Lee to direct LeBron James in Fantasy Basketball Camp

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

When we first went live so long ago, we posted three news stories, one of which was the news that LeBron James was going to be starring in the film FANTASY BASKETBALL CAMP.  It has taken a while for the film to gain any ground in the production process and only today do we learn that Malcolm D. Lee (SOUL MEN) will be directing the comedy that will feature King James in his first motion picture.  The film is about five guys living out their dream at LeBron’s fantasy basketball camp, but their issues eventually drag James into their lives.

Obviously, there’s a right way and a wrong way to make a movie like this.  They need some decent actors around James because he’s obviously not going to be ready to carry a movie on anything but his name.  I’m also curious as to how this is going to affect his free agency this summer.  People seem sure he’s going to resign with Cleveland, but given his stated desire to earn money and become global, I can’t see him anywhere but New York or LA.

Lebron James

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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